Add dynamic checkout



Customers can use the product they are watching to purchase the dynamic “checkout” button fast. Skip the cart and shut their payment with the displays on the button payment method from. The button changes dynamically to become the preferred payment method accelerated view of the customer. The button appears next to the “Add to Cart” and can be used only individual variations to buy a product. For example, a customer can use a dynamic checkout button, two red shirts to buy, but not a red T-shirt and a blue T-shirt. There are two different types of dynamic purchase buttons: Unbranded – These buttons display the text “Buy Now” to. When a customer clicks on an unbranded button, it jumps to cart and go to checkout Shopify. With branding – These buttons logo accelerated the purchase of a third party. When a customer clicks a button with branding, he closes his payment from this accelerated payment method. The following accelerated payment methods of third parties are available: – Amazon Pay – Apple Pay – Google Pay – PayPal – Shopify payment

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