Add a sticky header



Persistent navigation bars – or “sticky header” – are now a standard in web design. Sticky Navigation works best in retail, e-commerce and other types of “actionable” sites – sites where the designer intended a specific action such. As a click to buy a product. In these cases, it has been shown that the Sticky navigation significantly improve the customer experience and gives more guidance and control to the user. On pages with lots of content and long scrolling navigation must be friendly and intuitive. A clear and comprehensive in-page navigation helps the visitor to move in a manageable way by the site’s content. While this has been achieved in the past by “back to top” links, it is now the sticky navigation that does this job. In online stores, use the sticky header, customers can at any time without having to scroll to see the number of items in your basket and access the search and the navigation menu, which improves the user experience and proven to increase conversion rate.

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