An easy move to Google Analytics 4 with Ecommerce and More

We support you in the transition to the new Google Analytics 4 and give you insight into the innovations.

What is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 is the successor of Universal Analytics. This free tracking tool provides an overview of website visitors, app features, and is designed to improve website ROI. With event-based tracking, the new Google Analytics 4 requires a new approach to interpreting user data. By focusing on user interactions, the tool enables targeted marketing adjustments.

Why Google Analytics 4 is important?

The benefits of Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 offers several new and helpful applications, optimized tools, and features. The update includes a focus on economically important factors, improved analytics for audience analysis and forecasting, and enhanced ease of use. Additionally, the tool offers simple code implementations for better usability.

Improved analysis & reporting tools

Focus on mobile usage

Free data export

Subsequent editing of Google Analytic events

Possibility of deleting specific data

When should you switch to Google Analytics 4?

The timely switch to Google Analytics 4 is inevitable, as no new updates will be released for the current Universal Analytics. For an easy transition without data loss, we recommend using both tools in parallel at the beginning. Switching to Google Analytics can be complex and time-consuming on both the IT and marketing levels. At Ecommerce & More, we are happy to support you in the transition to the new tool. It is especially important to avoid any data loss and to enable direct analysis of data from both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4.

Google Analytics 4 and Shopify

How you set up Google Analytics 4 on Shopify depends on the version of Shopify you are using. If you are using Shopify Plus, you can install the tracking code (or Google Tag Manager) on all pages of your Shopify store, including checkout pages. If you use the standard version of Shopify, you can install Google Analytics on all pages of your store except the checkout pages.

We at Ecommerce & More are happy to support you on an IT and strategic level in the transition to Google Analytics 4 and in the parallel use of GA4 and UA. Get started now with Google Analytics 4 and Ecommerce & More!

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