Brand Advertising: Increasing Brand Awareness Pays Off

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There are two types of advertising:

  • Brand advertising – used to establish and build a connection with a user over time
  • Performance-based/direct ads – used to drive immediate action from a user

Most ads we see on a day-to-day basis are brand advertising; TV, radio, billboards, etc. Big companies like Apple, Coca-Cola or McDonalds reminds us how cool and refreshing they are or tasty, like the famous slogan (‘I’m lovin’ it.”).

However digital advertising is more often touted for its immediacy and measurable results, but are they long-lasting?

Since brand advertising does not necessarily ask for viewers to perform an action, it is harder to track. The web is a highly performance-based medium, and most businesses value stats like PPC, click-thru rates, conversion rates, ROI and more Both, brand ads and performance-based ads are complementary, However, studies show again and again that the more aware consumers are of your brand, the more likely they are to buy from you.

How to grow your company’s brand awareness?

Influence and engagement are beneficial to establish a long-lasting foundation. That is step one before anything else. Have an idea, start a social media account for it, put it out there on the web. It is fundamental to your future sales. Once prospects have heard of your brand, been influenced by and engaged with it, they are much more likely to take action (performance-based ads) and buy your product or service. Stay active in the digital world, it is equally important to have a balance to have a presence in the physical world as well as in the digital space of business.

Brand Ads Cast a Wider Net

Performance-based ads know that targeting is key to getting good results. Cultivating brand awareness to the next consumer generation is key for future success. For example – you may think that Lexus should only advertise to people who are affluent enough to buy a Lexus. But they also want to do some brand building with younger, well-educated consumers who may eventually move into that target market. Because, if some bright college kid falls in love with the Lexus brand, guess what they will buy when they are older and more established?

Brand advertising is a long game. It requires patience, persistence, and a little faith. But when combined with performance-based ads, your brand can capture immediate ROI while also driving future sales.

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