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Ecommerce & More is a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses build strong online brands and successful e-commerce stores. We offer a wide range of services, including website design and development, SEO, advertising, and email marketing. Our team of experts is committed to utilizing the latest technology and strategies to help our clients establish a robust online presence and increase sales.

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Display Advertising

To create a comprehensive and seamless customer journey, it’s essential to include a professional display marketing campaign in your online marketing strategy. Whether you choose Facebook, Google or Pinterest advertising, we can help you reach the right customers while keeping your budget in mind. Our ultimate goal is to give you the best possible return on ad spend (ROAS).

Social Media

Building a strong brand requires effective customer engagement. With targeted social media campaigns, you can connect with your audience wherever they are. Whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, Ecommerce & More can help you reach the right customers. By fostering brand loyalty, you can reduce advertising costs in the long run and increase the value of your brand.


At Ecommerce & More, we are passionate about creating designs that appeal to all the senses of your target audience on all digital platforms. With our extensive know-how and exceptional ideas, we bring your brand to life in a way that you can see, hear, and feel. Our creative approach is tailored to your brand and audience, and we are always coming up with new ideas to reach untapped customer groups.

Online Shops

Your online shop is the most critical aspect of your brand. It’s where you convince customers to make a purchase. No matter how effective your advertising is, if your online shop isn’t up to par, you risk losing potential customers. At Ecommerce & More, we can help you set up your online shop from scratch, improve your conversion rates, and much more. We specialize in Shopify, so you can be confident that your online store will be optimized for success.

Customer support

The success of your online store is directly related to a well-functioning, customer-oriented customer service team. At Ecommerce & More, we can help you build a professional customer service team that can assist your customers with any questions about your products, services, and more. With our help, you can provide your customers with a positive shopping experience that will keep them coming back.

App development

One of the most critical components of a successful online store is the functionality of its app. Above all, a good app must be user-friendly. It should be intuitive, self-explanatory, and meet the user’s expectations. Interacting with the app’s content and functions should be a pleasurable experience. The usefulness and ease of use are crucial factors in creating a positive user experience.

We Lead from the Front

Effective and creative online marketing is essential for building a successful brand. At Ecommerce & More, we are your trusted partner for successful, efficient, and transparent online marketing.We guide and assist you in growing your brand through various online marketing strategies, including search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), and display advertising, such as Facebook and Pinterest ads. With Ecommerce & More as your partner, you can achieve online success and grow your brand to its full potential.

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We have helped numerous brands increase their conversion and engagement rates and gain visibility among both existing and new customer audiences.

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Our focus is on the German and Austrian market. We have native speakers with years of experience in marketing.
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We have experts in the English speaking market, especially the US, UK and Ireland.

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